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Performance Management Requirements for Clerical Unit (CX) Staff

  • Clerical unit employees who receive an overall rating of “needs improvement” (or equivalent) shall have been informed of any such deficiencies, including information about how to correct such deficiencies, prior to receiving the annual written evaluation.
  • If the employee does not sign the performance evaluation, the supervisor shall state on the evaluation form that the employee did not sign the evaluation. The supervisor's statement shall identify the day on which they provided the performance evaluation to the employee.
  • An employee shall be provided one (1) week to attach rebuttal information and/or documentation to the evaluation. The department head shall review timely-submitted rebuttal information prior to finalizing the evaluation and sending it to the employee's personnel file.
  • Within thirty (30) calendar days after receiving a university performance evaluation, an employee may write comments pertaining to her/his evaluation or add relevant materials, which may supplement, or enhance the evaluation. When the university receives such written comments or materials from the employee, they shall be attached to the performance evaluation and placed in the employee's personnel file in which performance evaluations are maintained.
  • See Article 26 of the CX bargaining unit contract  or contact Employee and Labor Relations for more information.