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University of California, Riverside –

With so much uncertainty, we thought this topic couldn’t have been more timely as kids are returning to school. Parenting is…Rewarding? Exhausting? An art? A science? There are so many ways to go here! A lot of us may be feeling ill-equipped as parents these days, as we try to manage our own stress and overwhelm while juggling personal and professional responsibilities, during a completely disorienting time. So, how do we bring our “A game” to parenting during this pandemic age? Do we even need to have an “A game,” or is a “B game” okay? We’re going to be covering several topics…from back to school anxiety and how to help our kids accept change and tolerate uncertainty, to supporting them in social-emotional skill development, and a bunch more in between – all of which will help prepare them, and us, for whatever lies ahead.

  • Open to both Health Net members and non-members.
  • Self-paced webinar is 44 minutes in length

Health Net Webinar - Back to School, Parenting, and the Pandemic Age