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UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund

COVID-19 is inflicting great medical and financial harm on individuals and communities. UCR will continue supporting the well-being of its community in responding to financial challenges that may lie ahead. One way UCR will offer support during this crisis is through the UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund.

Eligible employees may request up to $1,000 for a critical, temporary, and unforeseen financial hardship due to COVID-19. Financial grants do not need to be repaid and are not taxable as income as “qualified disaster relief payments” under 26 U.S. Code § 139, as COVID-19 is a “federally declared disaster” issued by the President of the United States.

When you are ready to apply, access the application request form.

To view the Spanish version of this webpage, please view the document.

COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund Posters

As a follow up to the establishment of the UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund, Emergency Fund posters are being provided to print and post, and to distribute your teams. These posters provide an overview and eligibility for the Employee Emergency Fund. 

The Employee Emergency Fund posters are in both English and Spanish.

Support the Fund

The UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund was established with a $300,000 private donation, part of a generous bequest from John C. Hackney, and can be supplemented with additional gifts. By making a donation, even a small one, you can help even more UCR employees who may find themselves in need of support.

Employee Emergency Fund posters are in both English and Spanish.

Applicant Eligibility Guidelines

UCR staff career and contract employees who meet the following criteria are eligible for the UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund.

  • Applicant Eligibility Guidelines
    • Currently employed by UCR in a staff position of 0.5 FTE or greater.
    • Continuous UCR service of six (6) months or longer.
    • Current total base salary, stipend, and/or recurring additional compensation while in an active payroll status is equal to or less than $75,000.
    • Have a temporary financial hardship because of the COVID-19 situation.
    • Individuals who are on temporary layoff status due to COVID-19 remain actively employed UCR employees in this context.

    Student employees are not eligible for the UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund.

Eligible Expenses

Funds are available for critical, temporary and unforeseen financial hardships that result from the COVID-19 crisis. Funding provided by the UCR COVID-19 Emergency Fund may only be used to cover eligible expenses incurred on or after March 13, 2020.

  • Funds will only be approved for the following expenses:
    • Housing payments.
    • Utility bills – For example, the incremental cost of paying for a housing utility cost that has increased as a result of working remotely.  
    • Medical expenses not covered by insurance.
    • Child or Dependent Care Expenses – For example, the incremental cost of a camp or babysitter used during the pandemic because schools are closed versus the cost of before-care and after-care school programs used previously.
    • Transportation and Parking – For example, the incremental cost of paying for a UCR parking permit used during the pandemic versus a monthly public transportation cost incurred previously.

Applying for COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund

We encourage eligible staff to complete the application. The Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Climate Council will continue to review applications on a fund available basis. Applications can be submitted online.

  • How to apply to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund

    When you are ready to apply, access the application request form:

    Please be ready to provide the following information when applying:

    1. Confirm that you believe you meet the fund’s eligibility criteria.
    2. Enter your personal information, including employee ID number and contact information.
    3. Describe your critical, temporary and unforeseen financial hardship.
    4. Confirm your application information is accurate and attest that you will use the funding to cover the expenses for which you have applied and will return the grant if the expenses are paid for or reimbursed by another party.
    5. Receipts/documentation need not be submitted, but you must be able to provide such records showing how the funds were used if asked to do so.

    If you do not have access to the Internet, please consult with your supervisor for assistance in completing the online form.

Application Review and Funding Process

The UCR Diversity Equity & Inclusion Campus Climate Council will review requests from UCR employees.

  • The review and funding process
    1. The committee’s goal is to provide each recipient with a meaningful amount of money while also funding as many eligible applicants as resources will allow.
    2. All application sare downloaded on the 15th of each month at 12:00 p.m. Applicants can expect to receive notification of their status by the 25th of the month.
    3. Applicants will be notified by email about the status of their application. If you do not have access to email please provide a preferred method of communication on your application.
    4. Each employee can request up to a cumulative total of $1,000 in financial assistance from the UCR COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund (within a 12-month period). If an application is submitted requesting less than the total $1,000 amount, it is permissible to submit another application to receive the remainder if necessary at a later date.
    5. Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis and is contingent upon the availability of funds in the COVID-19 Employee Emergency Relief Fund account. Given the limited amount of funds available, requests may be fully funded up to a $1,000 limit, partially funded, or not funded at all.
    6. Approved funds will be paid by direct deposit if a direct deposit has been set up for your regular pay, otherwise, a paper check will be mailed to the home address we have on file in UCPath. The funds will be paid on a regularly scheduled pay date unless otherwise communicated.

    For questions regarding your application or the process, please send an email to

COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund - Frequently Asked Questions