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What is iReview

iReview is UC Riverside's online staff equity and reclassification review system. The system allows for the completely electronic creation, routing and review of equity and reclassification requests. In addition, iReview saves valuable staff resources by automatically retrieving candidate, supervisor & direct report information from UCR's Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW), Enterprise Directory, Title & Pay Plan System and other campus resources. iReview further assists campus staff in the processing of equity and reclassification requests by automatically calculating metrics commonly used during the review process.

iReview also makes the equity and reclassification process more transparent, both to the candidate as well to the departmental, organizational and Human Resources staff involved in the review process. Candidates receive notification of the initiation of their equity or reclassification review via R'Space portal messaging and maintain the ability to track the progress of the request throughout the review process. Future enhancements will allow departments to involve candidates at appropriate junctures to provide or review job description and other key information.

Staff & faculty involved in the equity and reclassification review process also maintain access to the request from its inception through the final decision. This access allows the staff or faculty to see and respond immediately to any requests made by the other constituents in the review process, which helps to prevent delays that were a necessity of the previous, paper-based process.

iReview Contacts and Access Information


For more information about iReview, please contact your Compensation Analyst.

Gaining Access

The departmental System Access Administrator (SAA) establishes access to iReview using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).