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What is Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design and/or workplace design, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Also called biotechnology, human engineering, and human factors engineering.

Ergonomics includes the following characteristics:

  • Science of fitting jobs, tools or environments of work to the worker.
  • Encompasses the workstation, the tools or equipment of work, and the work flow design.
  • The goal is to prevent, or reduce the likelihood of, discomfort and injury associated with any and all aspects of work.
  • Worker education and training is essential toward maximizing the value and success of all ergonomic interventions.
  • Ergonomic principles can and should be applied to any and all types of work both occupational and domestic.

Introducing Virtual Ergonomic Virtual Assessments

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with many UCR faculty and staff working remotely, poor home-office ergonomics and pandemic-related stress can cause health problems. Some of these health-related issues can manifest themselves by experiencing:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Stiff or painful neck
  • Painful wrists, hands or elbows
  • Knotted shoulder muscles

Whether you or your team may be experiencing any of these symptoms, or even if you want to be pro-active about your health, you are welcome to request a virtual ergonomic assessment to help you be healthy and productive while working remotely. The UCR Ergonomics Department is offering the following ways to schedule a virtual ergonomic assessment.

Services Offered

Healthy Working

Healthy Working (formerly Ergo iSEAT) is an on-line Self-Assessment and Training program targeted to the office-worker. This online program, hosted by Cardinus, helps to identify your risks, automate injury prevention activities, and analyze results.

  • Mandatory for certain office-worker job categories.
  • Recommended for all faculty and staff who work more than 2 hours per day at a computer.
  • Accessed via the Learning Management System (LMS).
Individual On-Site Ergonomic Assessment
  • A comprehensive, on-site evaluation of an employee’s workstation and job-tasks.
  • This service can be provided for all staff and faculty, and all job classifications (office worker, lab worker, fieldworker, dining, warehouse, etc.).
  • Any staff or faculty member can request an on-site evaluation.
Ergo Lab and Equipment Loan

Ergo Lab: Employees can tryout various commonly used ergonomic related tools –such as chairs, adjustable workstations, point and click devices etc…– to evaluate the appropriateness of various options for their individual use.

Equipment Loan Program: Certain types of equipment can be provided to the employee on a trial basis (up to two weeks), to better evaluate the device and its appropriateness for use by the individual and/or its application to the job task.

  • Equipment loan is subject to the availability of the device.
  • Equipment loan options are limited.
Matching Funds Program
  • The Be Smart About Safety Matching Funds Program is applied to recommended and approved office ergonomic equipment for eligible UCR staff and faculty.
  • Helps departments offset the cost of recommended office improvements.
Employee Training Smart Body Management
  • Teaches the employee how to use their bodies efficiently in the performance of any and all job tasks.
  • Maximizes the value and benefit of any ergonomic interventions.
  • Can be delivered department-wide, to large or small groups, and to individuals.


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