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The quality of faculty, staff and administrators is the cornerstone of UC's ongoing success, and UC is committed to providing competitive compensation and benefits for all UC employees. As a public institution, UC is also committed to being transparent about its compensation practices.


UC Riverside offers a comprehensive and competitive array of benefit choices. Employment benefits are an important part of your compensation package.

Most UC employees are eligible for benefits, but your benefits package depends on the length of your appointment, how many hours you work, and your appointment type. Retirees are eligible based on their age and years of service credit at retirement.

Be sure to visit our Benefit's pages to learn about the benefits the University provides, depending on your type of appointment.

Classification & Compensation Services

University staff positions are classified on the basis of the complexity and scope of duties and responsibilities assigned and exercised.  Each position is assigned a classification that is used on official records and links the position to a salary structure.

In addition, you will also find information about

  • Career Tracks Program
  • Salary plans/wage agreements for nine staff bargaining units and the non-represented employee groups
  • Positions & Process Overview,
  • Classification of Positions & Process Overview for new and contract positions
  • Reclassification process for filled and vacant positions
  • Compensation Contacts
  • Other classification & compensation related actions

To get information, please visit the Classification & Compensations Services webpage.


Information concerning salaries and compensation can be on the Compensation webpage, such as:

  • Merit program information
  • Recognition award program information
  • Overtime information
  • Salary reviews
  • Senior Management Group (SMG) compensation information
  • Other compensation-related actions