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The University of California, Riverside wishes to extend their appreciation to employees who have served the campus with pride and dedication. UCR celebrates their achievements and congratulates them in their new endeavors. In recognition of their valuable contributions to the University, retirees are offered the following retirement gift program.

Effective January 1, 2018, gift cards are excluded from the definition of tangible personal property, therefore the value of gift cards provided by the University to an employee for an employee achievement may be considered taxable wage income. For example, if an employee receives cash or cash equivalent awards (e.g., gift card, one month of parking, transit parking, etc.) for length of service then the value of the awards may be treated as wage income subject to federal income tax withholding and FICA.

For more information, view the UC Office of the President Memo.

Eligibility/Gift Selection for Retirement Gift Program

The Staff Retirement Gift Program is available to all staff employees who retire with 5 or more years of University Retirement Service Credit. For a listing of retirement gifts, please visit the UCR Award Selection web page.

Procedures for Ordering
Step One
The department will provide eligible retirees with the link to the UCR Select Retiree Award website to review the gift selections.
Step Two
The eligible retiree selects a gift from the UCR Select Retiree Award website and notifies their department administrator.
Step Three
The department obtains a P.O. (purchase order) using O.C. Tanner as the vendor.
Step Four
The department will place the retirement gift order via email to Please provide O.C. Tanner with the employee’s name, retirement date and department as well as the P.O. number and billing contact and address. If needed, UCR's account number with O.C. Tanner is 476980.
Step Five
Upon receiving the order, please finish and submit the P.O. for payment.
Step Six
Follow O.C. Tanner’s policy for any returns/exchanges.

Retirement Gift Questions

OC Tanner
If you have questions regarding ordering, exchanges/returns, billing and shipment tracking, please contact the Award Center at (888) 708-7080 or by email at
If you have questions regarding retiree gift procedures, please contact the HR Benefits Office at
The Business and Finance Bulletin G-41 includes policy and procedures on work-related awards for non-cash items.