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Here you will find information concerning salaries and compensation.

Equity Increase & Equity Reviews

An equity increase is a permanent increase to the base salary that may be granted to an employee under certain circumstances, such as increased duties that do not warrant a reclassification or a significant salary lag to comparable internal positions or the local labor market. For more information, please visit the Equity Increase & Equity review webpage.

Other Compensation Actions
Local guidance on Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 30: Compensation is to ensure the campus community is aware of local guidance on compensation matters including: Definition of Terms, Nondiscrimination in Employment, Performance Management, Correction Action, Conflict of Interest and more.

Overtime is time worked that exceeds the hours of a full-time non-exempt employee's regular daily schedule on pay status or exceeds 40 hours on pay status in a workweek. Pay status includes time worked and paid leave such as sick leave, vacation leave, holidays, military leave, compensatory time off, and administrative leave with pay. For more information, please visit the Overtime (Straight Time & Premium Rates) webpage.

UC’s compensation philosophy is to be competitive while attracting talent who want to be part of university’s educational, research and public service missions and enjoy the security of UC employment. UCR's compensation philosophy supports this strategy to be competitive in the local market. For more information, please visit the Compensation Philosophy webpage.
Staff Appreciation & Recognition Plan
The Staff Appreciation and Recognition Plan (the “STAR Plan”) is governed by Personnel Policies for Staff Members 34 (Incentive and Recognition Award Plans – Managers & Senior Professionals and Professional & Support Staff), and sets forth the requirements for all University cash recognition awards. For more information, please review PPSM 34 – Staff Appreciation and Recognition Plan.
Senior Management Group

Positions designated as Senior Management provide leadership requiring the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment in the development of University wide or campus wide policy and program direction and accountability for long-term results. The Senior Management Group webpage contains information about the policies and programs governing the terms and conditions of employment for staff members who hold senior management positions.