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UC Core Competencies

UCR Core Competency Model

The University of California, Riverside Competency Model is comprised of the identical competencies found in the UC Core Competency model. The UCR Core Competencies are considered enabling competencies meaning they are critical behaviors and skills that support an individual's ability to perform the technical or domain competencies of a job. For example, the communication competency is pertinent for both a chancellor as well as a custodian while the technical aspects of these jobs are very different.

The UCR Core Competency Model Behavioral Indicators provides behavioral statements for each competency categorized by two levels: operational and mastery. These levels serve as guides to behavior that might be demonstrated at each level. These statements are also used in the Performance Factors and Campuswide Standards Guidelines where they are categorized by performance factor. While the information on this website is primarily intended to assist supervisors in the use of the UCR Core Competency Model in recruitment and selection and performance management processes, it is also useful to all employees for professional development purposes.

UC Core Competencies

Each core competency in this model consists of a brief descriptor as well as several behavioral indicators which are intended to identify a broad spectrum of successful behaviors.

Competency Descriptor
The term and the related description of the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics (KSAOs) linked to a particular competency.
A set of general observable behaviors associated with a particular competency. The behavioral indicators are intended to be general in order to best fit across job groups.

By integrating UC Davis Career Compass Core Competency Model we have incorporated two action based categories for the descriptive behaviors:

Acceptable behavior that can be improved by proper feedback and coaching.
Desired behavior; mastery level behavioral indicators build upon the operational level behavioral indicators of each core competency.

The UCR Core Competency Model includes nine competency categories for all employee levels and an additional category for those in the role of manager. Following is a brief overview of the UCR core competencies:

Shares and receives information using clear oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
Diversity and Inclusion
Models and promotes the University Of California Principles Of Community and complies with UC policies on Diversity and Non Discrimination.
Employee Engagement
Demonstrates commitment to the job, colleagues, the University and its mission by acting in ways that further the accomplishment of its goals.
Innovation and Change Management
Uses personal knowledge and professional experience to envision the future, anticipate change, capitalize on opportunities, and develop innovative options that further the strategic direction of the organization.
Job Mastery and Continuous Learning
Demonstrates responsibility for one’s own career path and continuous learning by identifying and applying new skills as needed to perform successfully on the job.
Resource Management
Demonstrates integrity, accountability, and efficient stewardship of university resources in a manner consistent with the UC Standards of Ethical conduct and other policies.
Result Orientation and Execution
Demonstrates the ability to analyze situations or problems, make timely and sound decision, construct plans, and achieve optimal results.
Service Focus
Values and delivers high quality, professional, responsive and innovative services.
Teamwork and Collaboration
Collaborates with colleagues in order to achieve results in alignment with the operations and mission of the University of California.
People Management
Leads and engages people to maximize organizational and individual performance through alignment with the University mission and attainment of strategic and operational goals.


Should you have any question about this guide and/or any employment laws and procedures, please contact UCR Human Resources.