Helping employees maximize their potential


Supervisor Resources

As a manager or supervisor, you will need a wide range of information and resources to help manage your staff members and hone your management skills. We want to be sure that you have all the tools necessary that will aid in the development and evaluation of both yourself and your team.

Employee Recognition

Rewards and recognition provide an effective way of encouraging higher levels of performance from employees. Taking time to recognize employee achievements lets employees know that they are valued and are an important part of UC Riverside. Recognition is a great esteem builder and can help create workplace loyalty and build a sense of community. On the Employee Recognition webpages, you can learn about the Chancellors Recognition of Staff & Faculty Service Program, Staff Appreciation & Recognition (STAR) Plan and the Staff Assembly Sponsored Staff Recognition Programs.

Layoff Information: Supervisor

UC Riverside is committed to creating a supportive environment for each employee and administering all policies fairly and equitably. Our policy is to minimize layoffs by considering staffing reductions only after other creative solutions have been reviewed. The Layoff Information for Supervisors webpages provides with information and resources about the process and requirements with regard to notice, severance, preferential rehire and recall.

Performance Management
The Performance Management webpages will provide you information About Pay for Performance, Merit Program Guidelines, Performance Management Timeline, FAQs, resources as well as Supervisor/Employee expectations and much more.
Working with Vets, Military Members & Military Families
Retaining a Veteran or Military member in the civilian workforce is not all that different than retaining other top talent. The information in the Working with Vets, Military Members and Military Families webpage provides promising practices and other resources that will as.