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What is a Wellness Ambassador

Wellness Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting the promotion of health and well-being among UCR faculty and staff. Wellness Ambassadors serve as UCR’s key communicators of the Healthy Campus and Faculty and Staff Wellness Program, helping to direct employees to wellness programs, activities and resources.

What is the Ambassador Role

The Wellness Ambassador role is voluntary with a minimal time commitment - approximately one(1) hour per month. If you are enthusiastic about health and wellness; able to be an advocate for or working towards a healthier lifestyle; and have good communication, motivational and interpersonal skills, then the Ambassador Wellness program is for you!

The role of the Wellness Ambassador includes the following:

  • Market and publicize wellness activities and programs on campus
  • Recruit faculty and staff to participate in wellness programs and activities
  • Participate in wellness programs and activities
  • Identify potential ideas, strategies & programs for enhancing wellness and a healthy culture/work environment
  • Work with supervisor and co-workers to create a healthy work culture (e.g. organize group walks during lunch or break times, recommend ordering of healthy foods and beverages for meetings, celebrations and potlucks, coordinate healthy lunches, hold walk and talk meetings and stretch breaks, identify creative ways to eat healthy and manage stress at work).

The UCR Faculty and Staff Wellness Program Coordinator will provide guidance and direction, consultation and information to the Wellness Ambassadors.

Benefits of Being a Wellness Ambassador

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle at UCR, there are many benefits to being an Ambassador including:

  • Receive wellness goodies
  • Opportunity to be informed with the latest wellness programs and events to communicate to your coworkers and campus departments
  • Information, tools and resources for a healthier lifestyle
  • Peer, professional, and cross-campus relationships
  • Be an active participant in fostering a culture of “wellness” on campus
  • Recognition for service as Wellness Ambassador

See the list of current Wellness Ambassadors.

How to Become a Wellness Ambassador

In order to become a Wellness Ambassador, you are required to obtain support and approve from your supervisor.

You will be required to attend a 30-minute orientation and training.

If you would like to become a Wellness Ambassador, please contact Jacqueline Leslie, Wellness Program Specialist at