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Performance Management

In 2016, UCR completely revised the performance management process. Further modifications were made for the 2017-18 process which simplified and provided better instructions than the earlier revision. Rating factors and rating categories were updated and redefined to more clearly reflect the high quality of work performed by UC Riverside employees. In 2018-19, revised definitions provided clearer distinctions between ratings and included more specific criteria related to goals, achievements, job functions, skills and behavior. As in recent years, the 2020-21 process aligns the performance management process with the merit-based pay program for non-represented staff employees.

Performance Management Resources

Performance Management - P4P
About Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance is the compensation program for non-represented staff. It is part of our commitment to provide our non-represented employees with competitive performance-based compensation. For more information, please visit the Pay for Performance webpage.

Performance Management - Guidelines
2020-2021 Merit Program Guidelines

With proper distribution of performance ratings, managers can differentiate merit awards and appropriately recognize the strongest performers. The 2020-2021 Merit Program Guidelines outline the program and offer guidance to ensure consistency across schools, colleges and organizational units. For more information, please visit the Merit Program Guidelines webpage.

Performance Management - Timeline
Performance Management Timeline

As part of the campus performance management program, all staff employees are to be appraised in writing annually. For 2021, each organizational unit must certify to Human Resources by Friday, May 28, 2021, that all staff have received annual appraisals for the 12-month performance period ending on March 31, 2021. Learn about the activities which are to be completed as part of the performance management program. For more information, please visit the Performance Management Timeline.

Performance Management - FAQs
Performance Management FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions were created to help you have a better understanding of the Performance Appraisal and Pay for Performance Guidelines. For more information, please review the Performance Management FAQs.

Performance Management - Resources
Performance Management Resources

In Performance Management Resources, you will find additional performance management resources designed to smoothly guide users through the process, including helpful hints, training videos and optional information sessions. These resources are available for all users, including staff employees, supervisors and organizational leaders, department HR representatives and/or HR Business Partners. For more information, please visit the Performance Management Resources webpage.

Performance Management - HRBPs
Human Resources Business Partners

HR Business Partners (HRBP) and HR Officers within each organizational unit on the UC Riverside campus work closely with central HR to deliver services at the local level. The local HRBPs have a general knowledge of the complex HR services and they know who to contact within central HR for more information. Your local HRBP is your first point of contact for HR services in your department or college, and for any questions regarding the performance management process. Visit the Human Resources Business Partners webpage.

Performance Management - Supervisors
Supervisor's Important Role in Performance Management

Thoughtful conversations with employees about performance can be a great opportunity to let them know how much they are valued, share your vision for the future of the team, and create pathways for employees to pursue professional goals. To learn more, please visit the Supervisor's Important Role in Performance Management webpage.

Performance Management - Employee
Employee's Important Role in the Annual Review

The annual employee review is an important part of performance management and staff development. At UC Riverside, we have a consistent philosophy for recognizing and rewarding non-represented staff with a merit-based salary program. For additional information, please visit the Employee's Important Role in the Annual Review webpage.

Performance Management - Forms and Documents
Forms and Documents

The Performance Management section of the Forms and Documents page contains all of the forms you will need during the performance management process. You will find the Performance Appraisal Form, Goal Agreement Form, the revised Performance Factors and Behaviors Indicator Guide, and other documents to guide you through the process.

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