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Health Care Facilitator Program

Your UC sponsored plans are an extremely valuable benefit and an important part of your compensation. The Health Care Facilitator Program was established to help you obtain full benefits and services available from your health, dental, and vision plans.

Program Services


Medical Plan Questions


  • Contact Your Physician or Physcician's Staff

    The most important relationship is the one you have with your physician, nurse, or other health care professional. If you have a question or concern, contact your physician.

  • Contact Your Medical Group

    If you’re a member of an HMO, your medical group has a member relations department that can help you find a physician, work out billing problems, or obtain referrals for service.

  • Contact Your Health Plan

    Speak with a customer service representative who can explain the plan’s policies and procedures. Many problems can be resolved by working with your health plan.

Become Your Own Advocate


  • Prepare Ahead of Time
    • Make a list of all the questions or concerns you have.
    • Review the plan description or other written materials.
    • Call the health plan’s customer service representative and be persistent in getting the answers to your questions.
  • Ask About Emergency Care
    • Inquire about what steps you should take if you are out of the immediate service area.
  • First Source of Contact
    • Your health plan’s Member Services is the first source of contact for coverage and claims questions.
    • Be specific about the information you are seeking.
    • Get the name of the person you spoke to and make a note of the information they provided.
    • Keep this information for your records and always follow-up to ensure that promised services are completed.
  • Additional Assistance

    If Member Services cannot assist you, please contact the Health Care Facilitator.