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New Faculty and Staff

Welcome to UCR! Now that you are onboard, we want to insure you have access to accurate internal resources to obtain the support you need and to answer your questions. We are providing the Scope of Services Reference Guide to help point you in the right direction. The reference guide notes specific services offered to faculty and staff relating to benefit enrollment, activation and support; department human resources services, and leave administration. Please reach out to your department human resources representative for contact information.

Everything You Want to Know About Your UC Benefits

As a new or newly eligible employee, you have a 31-day period of initial eligibility (PIE) to enroll yourself and eligible family member(s). Before you enroll, take these steps to help you understand the UC benefits that are available to ensure that you make well-informed decisions for you and your family.

Employee Benefits Overview video
A Complete Guide to Your UC Benefits
New Employee Benefits Orientation webinar
UCnet Compensation and Benefits webpage
UCR Benefits Orientations
Financial Planning & Benefits Resources
Benefits Plan Enrollment
  • How to Enroll in Benefit Plans

    The UCPath Center and the UCPath Portal is where all employee health and welfare benefits are managed. Once you receive your UC Net ID, benefit elections for newly eligible employees, qualifying mid-year plan changes, and annual open enrollment updates are processed through the UCPath portal by visiting this link You may also view your personal information, leave balances, income and taxes and retirement and savings plan information.

  • Dependent Enrollment Verification

    UC requires all faculty and staff who enroll family members into medical, dental and/or vision insurance plans to provide supporting documents to verify the family members' eligibility for coverage.

    UnifyHR is the organization responsible for administering the dependent verification process for UC health and welfare plans. UnifyHR sends a request for verification packet to employees within 90 days following adding dependents. Recipients must respond by the deadline noted on the cover letter or risk disenrollment of family members from UC benefits. Employees adding dependents during Open Enrollment will also receive requests for eligibility verification materials to complete the enrollment process. UnifyHR offers assistance in multiple languages. For more information and resources (i.e., definitions, eligibility, FAQs, documentation) please visit the UCnet Family Member Eligibility Verification webpage.

  • Benefits Eligibility

    UC offers three benefits packages — Full, Mid-level and Core. Your eligibility for a particular package depends on the type of job you have, the percentage of time you work and the length of your appointment. For more information, please visit the UCNet Benefits Eligibility webpage.

UC Retirement Plan

  • Making your choice of UC Retirement Plans

    A very important benefit available to you is contributing to the UC Retirement Plan and it is equally important that you take swift action to make an election. The sooner you decide which option is best for you— Pension Choice or Savings Choice— the sooner you begin receiving service credit towards vesting and UC contributions. You have 90 days from your retirement option eligibility date to choose a primary retirement benefit; your enrollment window closes once you submit a choice and elections are irrevocable.

    Once you’ve decided which option is best for you, making your choice is fast and easy – view the UC Retirement Choice Program – Steps For Electing Pension Choice or Saving Choice.  If you don’t choose a primary retirement option, you will be automatically enrolled in the Pension Choice plan at the end of the 90-day period.  Ready to make your choice, please visit this website to proceed

  • UC Retirement Plan Counseling

    Need a little help understanding your options and which pension plan to elect?  Fidelity Investments Financial Counselors are available to assist you.  Please visit the Fidelity Consultations & Workshops webpage to schedule a counseling appointment with our dedicated Fidelity representative or call a Fidelity Investments consultant for counseling at (800) 558-9182.

  • UC Retirement At Your Service

    Once you have made your benefit and retirement plan elections, UC Retirement at Your Service (UCRAYS) is available to you at any time to view and track your retirement service credit and run estimates of your retirement benefits. 

    Once you have made your pension plan election, please complete the next steps by visiting the UCRAYS website to designate your beneficiaries for your life insurance plans, pension benefits and UC business travel insurance. 

  • CalPERS/CalSTRS Pension Reciprocity

    If you are a member of both the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) or the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), you may become vested sooner or be able to retire with a higher benefit than if you were a member of just one plan. To take advantage of these benefits, you will need to establish reciprocity between the two plans.

    To learn more about how reciprocity works, who is eligible and how to establish reciprocity, please visit the following resources:

  • Voluntary Retirement Plans Beneficiary Designation

    If you decide to enroll in additional retirement savings options like the 403(b), 457(b) or Defined Compensation Plan (DCP), remember to take the next step and designate your beneficiary for these savings options. These beneficiary elections are separate from your UC Retirement Plan beneficiaries.

    Please visit Fideltity NetBenefits website to enter your beneficiaries.